Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mass Animation: DC Universe Online + Me + your votes = awesome!

Hey avid blog followers, all...3 of you... It's really close to the deadline for the DC Universe Online competition! I have like 5 submissions being considered and one more on the way and I really really need votes! it would be super sweet to have my work featured in a game that millions will be playing across the world, I mean DC is a major global brand and combine that with MMORPG and you are talking big numbers. so please please follow the link bellow and vote!

Ps- you have to be on Facebook to vote, but who isn't on Facebook right?!

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Eggstra Terrestrial is online!

After much confusion and struggle, trial and error, I finally found a format that works, so here it is ladies and gents, my graduation film, The Eggstra Terrestrial. This film was made using primarily Autodesk Maya and Photoshop for the textures. From initial concept to final render this film took about a year to make.

*Exciting Update* Thanks so much to everyone at Digital Media Arts College who voted to crown my film this years Best In Show at the 2010 graduation ceremony!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life Drawing

Some examples of my life drawings from 2004 - current

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Graphic work

Some examples of graphic design work I have done in the past.

Chris-Lee; Career Bear!

Introducing Chris-Lee, Career Bear!

This is a comic strip I created a few months back. It is in the standard news paper comic format, 6 dailies, and a Sunday special. The strip follows the adventures of Chris-Lee Bear as he attempts to find the career that is right for him. To help him find his true path Chris works in a temp agency for animals and attempts many different potential jobs...will he find the one that's right for him? read on and find out...

This is the entire series as it exists at this time. It was produced for a class I took in 2009 in sequential art, under the guidance of Mark Sparacio (His Site), an incredible comic artist who has worked on countless famous characters over the years, and who was a wealth of knowledge for us.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My first Photoshop painting

So I started doing some painting to boost my skills with Photoshop, this would be the first of hopefully a large batch! this one is called "The Picnic" for entirely obvious reasons. Produced using Photoshop CS3.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Old stuff part 2

Another walk down memory lane for me, this is my 2D show reel featuring work I produced between 2005 and 2007. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I will be posting a lot of the models I have created over the last 2 years on over the coming weeks so if anyone wants to purchase anything I've made, you will probably be able to find it on there. That includes Rigs, Characters, Models, Scene assets etc.

The Replacement

This is a short film I made early in 2009. The focus was on special effects so no judging the awful animation. Actually the special effects are not much better. OK just don't judge me at all. Project completion time: about 9 weeks. Done using Maya 2009, Photoshop CS3 and After Effects CS3.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Old stuff part 1

I was digging through the old archives, thought I'd share some of my past creations, starting with this model I made of my old bedroom. this was made for a texturing class in my first semester at DMAC, at this point I think I had been working with 3D for about 12 weeks so I was pretty new to the whole thing, that aside I think the level of realism attained still holds up quite well...

Done exlusively with Maya 2008 and Photoshop CS3

professor Cornelius Cogneato - Victorian Superhero!

Well it turns out uploading incredibly large files onto Youtube isn't as easy as one might think, so while I struggle with my thesis here is a little something to gander at, it's my entry into the DMAC superhero/villain contest - meet Professor Cornelius Cogneato, he defends Queen Victoria's empire from evil! having been commissioned to build a mechanical army to protect the British empire from harm, Professor Cogneato was struck down by a disease that ravaged his body. His only hope was to transplant his own head and spinal chord into the unfinished prototype, transforming himself into the worlds first mechanical, steam powered man! His adventures take him to the farthest reaches of the empire, India, Africa, Australia, but his thoughts always return to his lost love, lady Guinevere of Oxford, the woman he can now never have...

Update: Unearthed from the Professor's notes are his original design for the suit! This document is over 100 years old...