Friday, March 28, 2014

Google - Way of a Warrant animated short

This is a short I worked on some months back for Google, which details their privacy and protection of users data, and the process by which authorities get information from Google. This is a bit of a hot button issue right now and I had a lot of fun working on it with the other folks at Screen Novalties! My part in the video was in post cleanup and in making CG models that were 3D printed and used in the shoot.

Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes - Russel walking GIF

Hey all, I have been super busy lately working on GI Jeff, the upcoming animated Community episode (airing April 3rd - check it out!!) as well as other projects I am not at liberty to disclose yet, so as I had 5 minutes to spare this evening I thought I would dump something on here for you all. I really dig this shot and I have only released a screen grab up until now, as well as an older version of the animation some months back, this is pretty much the final iteration of this shot (though the sky may change) using the fluid simulation I generated in RealFlow. Hold on tight Noodle!