Monday, April 25, 2011


So recently I have not been posting too much, and the reasons are two-fold. Number 1, I have been sending my demo reel out and focusing on gaining a toe hold in the industry, and number 2, I've been working with Donald Faison (IMDB) on his awesome BlackStormTrooper series (!), and that has been keeping me pretty busy. Episode 3 is shaping up to be awesome though! Black Stormtrooper and Jack Move are going to take their first steps into a much larger world! If you haven't yet checked Black StormTrooper out, go to Shundigga's channel on YouTube and check it out! It's awesome for any Star Wars fans, Lego fans, or fans of general awesomeness!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

LEGO Lost Trailer

Hey readers, I know that some of you out there were probably as big of a fan of the best (in my humble opinion) TV show of all time, ABC's LOST. Well since the show ended there has definitely been a hole in my TV watching soul that has not been filled yet. As a hobby I started to recreate some of my favorite characters and props from the show out of LEGO using the art of CGI. The aim was to eventually create either a short film, game trailer or movie trailer paying homage to the most finely crafted TV show in history. I got as far as creating a whole bunch of assets, a lot of the major characters like Jack, Kate, Sawer etc etc (none of which are rigged yet) and had to stop due to pressing deadlines and such in other areas of my life, so here is the work so far. I want to call this project temporarily shelved because I really do have a huge desire to finish it, but that will have to wait until some other commitments get taken care of first.
 *Update* Teaser trailer now available. Comments and feedback please!!!

Dharma Van, in LEGO!
Dharma Van wireframe
The plane that started it all; Oceanic 815
The ill-fated raft
"Were gonna have to take the boy"
Raft details. Those are oranges in the crates.