Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My New York assets have a name! albiet a really unimaginative one...

So having produced a fair amount of assets now to publish on Turbosquid.com I felt that I should create something of a brand, a banner to group all of those creations under, so that people buying multiple sets would know that the ones they were getting are designed to fit with one another, so I thought long and hard....and I came up with..."City." Terribly good don't you think? Check out the new creations bellow, as always, everything is available for (fairly reasonable) purchase right here!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

YouAnimator.com - Show your animation

Hey avid readers, I just thought id take a moment to talk about my good buddies at YouAnimator.com

It's a pretty cool community for animators who want some friendly feedback or just want to check out some cool work for inspiration!

They have a couple of fun rigs to download too, which i will be featuring in some upcoming animation of mine! Boss and Todd are both great fun to play with and pretty flexible. They also provide scenes and audio to get you started!

So check it out here, all in all I think we need more sites like this one for aspiring artists to get their teeth into!

(My YouAnimator profile here)

Animation Mentor but without the actual "Mentor" part

This is the first little snippet of me tinkering about with trying to get a stronger foundation like the one you get from taking animation mentor or a similar awesome course (ianimate.net is another cool one I just found out about). For right now this is a little rig I made to practice the very basics, timing, spacing, secondary motion etc. I'm going low tech! The hand animated portion was done using Digicell Flipbook 6, and the 3D stuff, as always, done with Autodesk Maya 2009