Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gorillaz - Rhinestone Eyes Teaser Poster

The first official image from my Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes fan video. The mission of this film is to fully realize the amazing storyboard video for the un-produced Rhinestone Eyes music video, completing the storyline for the Plastic Beach campaign. This film is being made by me, purely as a fan of the incomparable Gorillas, out of a desire to see the story finished in the visual style that Gorillaz fans are accustomed to.

* This is a fan video, I do not own anything, all content owned by Gorillaz/respective copyright owners.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Black Stormtrooper 3 has been released!

The third installment of the ongoing Black Stormtrooper series is finally here! I worked closely with the series creator Donald Faison, to create sets and special effects that would bring as much of a classic Star Wars feel to the show as we could, while still keeping it very "Lego". Enjoy!