Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes Video - Fighter Plane Render

Hey all, I said I would update progress on my Gorillaz fan project as soon as I could, so here is a little teaser for you. This is the same model of WW2 fighter planes that was attacking noodle in the Melancholy Hill video, and are back to cause trouble in this one! Gorillaz videos are known for fusing live action, practical model photography, traditional animation and cutting edge CGI and I am attempting to stick as closely to their style as possible. Modeled using Maya 2010, textured in Photoshop.

Monday, June 25, 2012

News - Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes Video now in production (by me)

Hey avid blog readers! So after several months of working on top secret projects that I can neither show nor talk about, I thought I would share something that I CAN talk about, and that has me very excited!

Those who know me are aware that I am a huge fan of "virtual hip-hop" UK outfit Gorillaz. Those of you who follow their work know that the final music video from the Plastic Beach phase, the video to accompany the track Rhinestone Eyes, was never made due to budgetary constraints, and rather a storyboarded version put up as the official video. Well I have taken it upon myself to create that video in full animation, purely from a fan perspective, and with no financial gain in mind. It just seems like such a shame that these incredible storyboards were never taken to completion, and that the fans of the Gorillaz were never given the conclusion to the Plastic Beach narative. I will keep updates coming on my progress with the video on this page, releasing screen shots etc as often as I can. Watch this space for more Gorillaz Rhinestone Eyes video news!