Friday, January 28, 2011

Animation Mentor Animals and Creatures: Master Class

Animation Mentor, already the leader in online character animation education are upping their game once again, with the new Animals and Creatures Master classes. In this course you get to work with 3 new rigs, designed by geniuses from ILM, Tippet and Sony Imageworks. The Cat, The Dragon and The Ogre. The course also provides matchmoved scenes so that you can have your creatures interact with live action characters without needing to worry about tracking and building up geometry.

This seems like a great idea but I wish it was something that was integrated into the program rather than creating a whole offshoot. Now when I finally get the money in my hands I have to decide which type of education I want, acting with bipedal characters, or creature feature. But that means trying to predict which kinds of jobs will be available in the industry a year and a half from now, which is hard to say. I suppose the focus is good in that it will give students a really concentrated learning experience and allow people who don't want to do dialogue and weight lifting etc to just do what they want.

For all the info head over to the overview page here.

I'm a little on the fence about it, what do you think? sound off in the comments section!

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