Sunday, July 24, 2011

Black StormTrooper update!

Check out this minor photo update hot off of the set of the next episode of Black StormTrooper, coming soon (we hope).

As you can see my good friends Donald Faison and Musa Brooker, as well as my super talented wife Yaoyao are having a ball getting this latest episode on the way, its going to be something else!

Sorry about the lack of actual animation being posted on here recently, I have just been busy on a bunch of as-of-yet-unfinished projects. I promise I will get back to my personal stuff as soon as I can, I still have Lego Lost episodes to make, Cartoon life lessons I want to do, as well as about 300,000 other wacky ideas floating around my brain. All things come to those who bare with me.

Also, as an added bonus for continuing to check out my blog, here is a little sneaky image that will be appearing in the next episode and causing some trouble!

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