Monday, January 24, 2011

Evolve CG 2011 Challenge: Heroes and Legends!

So the excellent Evolve CG conference is doing another CG challenge this year, and the theme is Heroes and Legends. So you can expect a lot of God of War style entries, much like the call for submission image you see above.

This year I finally have some spare time on my hands and will be tossing my name in the hat. I decided to take the story of David and Goliath, and put an ancient Greek spin on it.

In my story there is a tribe of fauns (half goat half human) who have provided the weapon making services to the King of Crete for centuries, owing to their unique talents as blacksmiths, crafting the finest weapons of the age.

When the Centaurs from the neighboring valley become jealous of the Faun's wealth and success they decide they want to muscle in on their action, so they send the biggest, meanest behemoth of their clan to wipe out the fauns and destroy their village.

The faun people are alerted to the danger in time and quickly select a champion from their village to face the intruder. Though diminutive in stature the little creature has speed, cunning and the superlative weapons of his people on his side.

My piece will focus on the two facing off right as their showdown is about to begin, and will depict both warriors ready for battle, and draw on their different emotions for dramatic posing.

Head over to to check out the competition and enter your own take on this epic subject! I will be posting my progress on here as well as in the forum, so keep an eye out!

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