Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maya 2010 Student Edition - Full licence!

Thanks to my brilliant and boundlessly talented (not to mention fabulously beautiful) wife Yaoyao - her blog - I have been dragged from the stone age that was 2009, into the somewhat more iron aged 2010.

She won a competition that granted us a lifetime licence to use Autodesk Education Suite 2010! This amazing package includes Maya, 3D Studio Max, SoftImage, Mudbox, MotionBuilder and Sketchbook Pro. In short, thanks to my wife's incredible artistic skills we are set for life software-wise.

So now all my animations will be done using Maya 2010, and I am comfortable because it is still one year behind (I always hated using the most up-to-date thing)


  1. Very very lucky. Wish i had the software.

  2. yeah, I am lucky to have an award winning wife haha :)